If personal finance isn’t rocket science, is financial independence achievable without a financial planner?

The fundamental concepts of personal finance are easily graspable. Save for a rainy day, equity does well in the long run, avoid costly financial products, etc. Yet, we service expensive personal loans, own inadequate insurance, or favour “safer” investments over equity instruments.

Mastering personal finance is hardly as easy as it looks. Hiring a financial planner may be your key to achieving financial independence. A financial planner could offer objective advice on investment decisions and develop solutions that effectively handle the conflict between personal and financial commitments. When your financial independence takes the forefront, it becomes clear for all stakeholders why certain aspirations need to be put on hold or why a particular product falls outside their personal finance framework.

A financial planner also helps inculcate a disciplined, process-oriented approach to handling personal finance. Consistency is the key to attaining financial independence. A financial planner can help you follow a balanced approach. Mastering personal finance involves scaling up at the right times, being persistent throughout, preparing for contingencies, and providing for the future.

A financial planner could make your journey to financial independence a lot easier.


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